Note: This issue is likely to occur when you have first set up the connector and data is still being Tugged across. It should also be noted that it can occur with any connector, be it: Cash, Clockify, Harvest, HubSpot, Simpro®, Teams or any other.

If you do see this in Power BI Service (Online), it is likely to be some other reason and it is worth getting in touch with us for assistance:

Important: The only solution for this, is to wait until your data has Tugged across. It is, however, worth following the steps below to be sure that all you need to do is wait for your data to Tug.

The image below shows a Tug in progress; you should note the date Tugged up to. If this date is blank, then your first Tug is still in progress and it is expected that data will be missing.

Even if there is a date present (image below), if you have recently setup your connector, that date could be some months and more from the current date, also indicating that data is still coming across. 

It is possible to check rows Tugged across, as the image below shows, by hovering over the graph, providing at least one Tug has completed.

Note: All connectors have the Summary page indicated below.

Once at least one Tug has completed, the Last Tug section (image below) displays various details about the Tug. This includes the total rows Tugged and the date Tugged up to. Note the low quantity of test data in the example below.

Either of the two examples above indicate that at least one Tug has completed, so there may be enough data in our Data Warehouse for the reports to present usable data. 

If after loading in your report, you are presented with a blank page, such as the one below, it is worth checking to see if it might be a currency selection issue, although there are reports that don't have currency as part of their features.

Check to see if the menu bar indicated below has 'currency' as part of it; the exact text may vary (1 in the image below), however if you see 'Currency' - at the end of the line in the example below (2) - and it is not followed by a currency type, such as: GBP, then this could be the issue.

This guide can assist, if you see currency as described in the paragraph above. If it is not the issue, please return to this document.

If after checking the issue, and have found that the currency setting is not the cause, and the report is still blank, it may be necessary to await further data, perhaps saving the report with a view to returning to it later.

1. Indicates the File menu to save, with the disk icon above 'File' also being a save option; just give it a name that makes sense to you.

2. There is no indication that currency can be selected, and have previously confirmed it isn't an option using the guide above.

3. When you load a previously saved report in Power BI Desktop, it is a good idea to refresh the data. Note: It is essential to refresh the data if there was previously insufficient to display the reports. Further note: The tab needs to be set to Home (shown next to the arrow marked 1) for the refresh option to be available.

On occasions, there can be an import error when importing (or refreshing) data; the following guide provides options for resolving the error.

If after performing the above steps, and you are confident that your data has completed, yet the report is still blank, we are happy to answer your support queries at:

This concludes the 'Some/All of my data is missing (Power BI Desktop)' guide.