This issue is most likely to occur when first importing data into Power BI Desktop, via a report template. 

Note: If your data has not finished Tugging for the first time, blank reports are expected; here the solution would be to wait for the data to complete. If you have any questions about this, or feel that the report should be visible and the solution below did not solve your issue, please contact support:

Pre-requisites for this are:

  • Account setup and Connector created.
  • The connector has completed Tugging data.
  • Have imported one of our templates into Power BI Desktop.

Note: All steps in this document are performed in Power BI Desktop, which is where the issue is likely to occur. 

The final pre-requisite is that after loading, your report may look similar to the following; items within the report may vary, the point here is that everything is blank, possibly including most of what is shown in the 'header' bar, where the 'Report Page' is situated.

Whilst, there can be a number of reasons you are not seeing data in the report, one you may encounter is both an easy fix and one that should only occur on the first import of a report template.

It should be noted that not all reports will be blank due to this particular issue.

To see if your report may be displaying incorrectly due to the selected currency, look in the black header bar, highlighted by the red arrows.

The exact text may vary (1 in the image below), however if you see 'Currency' at the end of the line (2 in the image below) and it is not followed by a currency type, such as: GBP, then please proceed further with this document as it may assist. If you do not even see Currency, then this is likely not the issue, however you can proceed to the next step to be sure.

... Otherwise contact support for assistance:

Holding down the CTRL key, click on the three blue bars (1 in the image below).

This will show a 'popup' menu as above.

Select the currency dropdown (2), followed by the desired currency (3). 

(This presumes that currency forms part of the report; if it is not one of the dropdowns, then the issue is something else.)

Note: There may be any number of currencies shown, which will depend on your data; blank may or may not display, which will again depend on the data coming across and if a currency is identified. It may also mean there is still data Tugging.

(If you do not see any currencies, or the one you are expecting is not visible, data may still be Tugging. Waiting for it to finish, should resolve the issue; however, if data has completed Tugging, and manual refresh of the data has not helped (indicated in the final image in the document), please contact us: Note: on a fresh import of a report template into Power BI, there is no need to perform a manual refresh, but can if you wish.)

Once you have selected your currency, you should see something similar to the following image.

Again, holding down the CTRL key, click on the three blue bars (1 in the image) to close the popup. You can, of course, instead chose to change the selection in any of the other available dropdowns, before closing the popup. 

As discussed previously, the charts and graphs you have available, will depend on the specific report.

Once you have closed the popup option, you should see something similar to the report below.

If you don't see the graphs and charts, like the example below shows, try refreshing the report, indicated by the arrow. It is not normally a requirement on a new import of a report, but if you previously saved it then refreshing it may help.

If you encountered an error whilst refreshing the report, the following guide may be of assistance: Report Refresh Error.

You are now ready to examine the report, manipulate the data and/or (recommended) publish the report to Microsoft's Power BI Service. 

For a guide to publishing your reports to Microsoft's Service, you can refer to the complete guides for you connector here, or the generic guide here. There is also a guide for Settings up Your Reports for the First Time, which applies to any connector type.

This concludes the 'My reports are blank' guide.