• Previously imported your data into Power BI desktop.
  • Or
  • Trying to enter credentials into a new Template-import into Power BI desktop and have experienced issues with the first ever attempt. In this case, after closing the OData and Refresh login popups, skip down to (image 3), which should state: Navigate to: Home Tab > Transform Data > Data source settings (image below).

The following 'How-To' works for any Tugger Connector  type, be it: CASH, Harvest, HubSpot, Simpro®, Teams or other.

It is not necessary to have a report or template loaded, just opening Power BI Desktop is sufficient. Note the pre-requisites above.

You will, however, need your Authentication Details from your Tugger connector; the specific page is detailed below and is accessed from within your Tugger connector, available from My Connectors.

Examples are displayed below, but if yours type is not shown, it will (like all of them) have 'View Details'.

Navigate via: My Connectors > Select your connector, which displays 'View Details' > Report Credentials.

... And Report Credentials provides all the information you need.

(If your connector is not a Harvest, don't worry as the only difference other than the name of Connector, is that the OData URL contains harvest in the link; Simpro would contain 'simpro, and CASH cash, etc.)

Open up Power BI Desktop.

It is not necessary to have a report loaded or a template imported; the details are stored separately and can be accessed as required.

Close the Splash Screen as shown below.

Navigate to: Home Tab > Transform Data > Data source settings (image below).

(If you are performing the below option after trying to import a template, your screen may look very slightly different; it may have Refresh Now, and Apply Changes buttons towards the top-right, which you could press in the order stated. It may solve your issue; otherwise, please continue.)

The Data source settings will be displayed as shown in the following image.

1. Displays the currently loaded report or template's data source settings.

2. Displays all available data source settings. (Here it is also possible to clear the selected, or all, permissions.)

3. After highlighting the appropriate data source setting: Select Edit Permissions, as indicated above.

Note: The 'appropriate data source setting' will match the OData URL (1 in the image below).

The Report Credentials page shown previously is detailed again below for clarity.

1. The OData Url, which is displayed in the settings above and in the following images.

Collectively known as the Authentication Details, although the OData URL is also required.

2. The Username, or Login.

3. The Password.

Select Edit, as per the image below.

  • Note: Privacy level (image below) defaults to none; we have not identified any issues with leaving this at the default. As long as a privacy level is set for published reports (to Microsoft's Power BI Service, online) there should not be any issues.
  • However, if you wished to change it to an option such as Organisational, you could do so here; simply select the appropriate level from the dropdown; be aware, however, that this could affect how things work.

The popup for changing the authentication details should display as the next image indicates.

1. The Authentication Type will be Basic and should not be changed.

2. The User name and Password should be changed as appropriate; just enter your Authentication Details, shown previously in the Report Credentials page from Tugger. (The previously displayed image highlights them as 2 and 3.)

Once they have been replaced, just Save, OK and Close:

As per the image above:

3. Save.

4. OK.

5. Close. 

Those settings are now updated.

Note: if you are performing the action in an empty document, as the demonstration here, the highlighted option 'Refresh' will be grayed-out.

When you have updated the permissions in a loaded document, or imported template, a Refresh Popup may or may not display; it may be necessary to click on the Refresh option.

You can edit the Authentication Details in Power BI Service (online) here.