Clear Data-source Settings

This can be required when importing a new Template into Power BI Desktop; it may be worth trying to replace them first, see: How to Replace OData Credentials in Microsoft Power BI.

In Power BI Desktop


... If an error is encountered at step 4 below:

… And you are sure you have selected the link in the dropdown corresponding to the one at the top of the dialogue (as in the image above: 3 matches the partially visible link at the top of the dialogue), then it may be necessary to clear the settings.


Cancel the above dialogue.


From the Home tab:



… Select: Transform data > Data source settings.

It the image below, one of the settings merely points to the Tugger App, without a specific connector identifier alpha-numeric code sequence.


… Remove this setting as shown below.


It is possible that all need removing, although this may require re-entering details for other Tugs at a later stage.


This can be done individually, or by changing the ‘Clear Permissions’ (indicated by the *) to ‘Clear All Permissions’.


That should have now cleared the desired settings; it is recommended that you close Power BI Desktop before trying to import a template (.pbit file extension).

If you have a report to view (.pbix file extension) then you may need to refer to the How to Replace OData Credentials in Microsoft Power BI guide to update it to the correct settings

This concludes the Clear Data source Settings guide.