If you wish to change how much historical data is poled, or how often updates are performed - or even the name of your Tugger; this can be accomplished by accessing Settings, as indicated below. Different Tug Integrations may have a different number of tabs, but as only Settings is required for the following, they can be safely ignored.

1. Include Sales Enquiry History Tracking Values; if you find it checked and are wondering if you should remove the check, thus potentially saving 100s of thousands of rows of data, you may wish to review the following guide before deciding: CASH - Remove / Add Historical Sales Tracking Data). 

(You will have noticed that we recommend that it is not checked. We are happy to discuss this if you wish please contact us if required .)

Once you have changed everything to your liking, click on Update Tugger Settings.

Note: If you wish to perform the same actions on multiple Tug Integrations, then access those Tugs and change as required.

Please be aware that changing the date for historical data can take some time, anything from minutes to hours, and potentially longer.

This concludes the Change a Tugger's Settings guide.