Need to Add or Remove the Historical Sales Tracking Data?

The text below is taken from Tugger's Website, displayed during the CASH Connector Setup Process, and in the Settings Tab of your Tugger account. Please note the warning about how adding the feature increases row count.

CASH Sales History Tracking Data
Please indicate whether you would like Sales Enquiry History Tracking Values to be pulled across for historical reporting purposes. As this can get large quickly, we recommend leaving this out. Why? Our reports don't use this data, so if you are simply using our reports, this data is not going to be needed. 

If you wish to track the Sales History Tracking Data, or wish to remove that feature from your Tugger connector, please perform the following steps.

If you are removing the feature, you will need to advise us once this is done, and we can ensure that the data is removed from your connector; if you have been directed here by us, then similarly, please let us know when you've completed the process.

After logging into Tugger, navigate to: My Connectors > then select the Cash connector you wish to change; you will likely only have the one, but just select the appropriate by clicking on the View Details.

Note: if you see something other than 'View Details', such as 'Add Connector', then there are either no connectors added to this account, or you need to navigate to My Connectors.

Select the Settings tab as shown below.

If you wish to remove the tracking of the Sales Enquiry History, then uncheck this box (1 in the image); it should be emphasised, however, that we do not use this in our reports, so do NOT check it unless you want to add this feature yourself.

If the checkbox is already unchecked, then no further action is required.

Once you have added or removed the check, 'Update Tugger Settings' (2 in the image).

 This will return you to the My Connectors page, displaying all your Tugger connectors.

Important: Finally, please advise us that you have removed the option to track the Sales History Tracking Data, which will allow us to remove those row-values from your Row count and the database itself. We will advise once this has been completed.

There is no need to advise us if you have added that feature as it should Tug the data across, likely during the next Tug; although, it may take a couple of Tugs for the data rows to settle down.

This completes the 'how-to' on removing or adding historical sales tracking data.