Although the process of publish a report is the same regardless of connector, you may wish to view the guide specific to your connector; it is part three of your connectors guide, with your guides being available here. This guide is taken from the generic setup guide here.


Before publishing your reports, we recommend considering who will be viewing the reports and if there are only certain reports individuals or departments should have access to.

This guide: Power BI Online Workspaces and Users goes over it in more detail to the above. It also discusses assigning the level of access users need.

Publishing Reports

Pre-requisites for this part of the process are:

   - Power BI Service: setup (ideally, Workspaces and Access (permissions) added for Users as appropriate). 

   - Power BI Desktop report imported.


We do recommend setting up Workspaces beforehand as although the report can be saved to a new Work Space later, it doesn’t copy all the components (no dataset - compare 1 and 2 below) when published, only the report. Not only this, but reports added to the default Workspaces level cannot be shared via assigning Access. Of course, not coping the dataset may not be an issue.

This may not be an issue, but those assigned to a Workspace without a Dataset cannot refresh it, and will have to rely on the automated refresh, unless they can get it manually refreshed by another user.

To publish:

Select Publish, 1 in the below image.

(Note: this simPRO example report was blurred to ensure there was no accidental sharing of identifying data.)


If you haven’t already saved, then 2, as per the image below, will appear (and can even after previously saving).

Click Save.

A Save dialogue appears.

… Save (3) to a directory of your choice.

If you have already saved, after clicking ‘Publish’, the Publish to Power BI dialogue should appear, otherwise it appears after saving. (The report here is a CASH Jobs )

The steps are:

  1. Publishing and Saving (detailed previously).
  2. Search for Workspace (optional).
  3. Select My Workspace  if you haven't created your own (not recommended).
  4. Or, select the Workspace created (recommended).
  5. Then click on Select (highlighted).

Note: If the only Workspace is called My Workspace (which is the default and always available) you may wish to Cancel instead of clicking Select. You could then create a Workspace - perhaps configuring access for Users at the same time (Available here: Power BI Online Workspaces and Users.). After creating a Workspace: Publish again to the newly created Workspace.


Once the report has been published, the following should be displayed.

Navigate to your Power BI Service (online) to find your report or click on the link shown in the image above.

This concludes the Publishing Your Reports to Power BI Service guide.