Add Workspaces, Users and assigning View Level

It is possible to have multiple workspaces; to then create, or customise existing reports in Power BI desktop, publish them to their own workspaces, and then assign access to users; users can be assigned their own level of access - perhaps they can only 'View' just the one report. It should be noted that a user can see everything in the workspace they have access to.


Pre-requisite for this part of the process is:

   - Power BI Web – setup. 


When first logging in to Power BI online, you will be presented with a view like the one below; if you have not previously published any reports then those will be missing.



Select Workspaces > Create a Workspace

It is sufficient for our purposes here, to enter a name and then Save (see image).

… However, if you wish to create a contact list, it can be done here, indicated by the (?).

Note: Emails to contacts are not automated at the time of writing this document.



Select Access, as highlighted below.



  1. Search for a user.
  2. Apply permission level (view only in the example).
  3. Add.
  4. Repeat for as many users as required.


Note: Users must be part of your organisation.



… When finished, Close.



There are many options available for the customisation of access, which is beyond the scope of this quick tutorial.