When importing templates and also data feeds such as OData, it is possible to get an error due the hierarchical nature of the settings.

The error within the Refresh window is likely to have 'Bad Request' within the text (image below). The error shown relates to an OData feed (but isn't restricted to just those types of data sources).

Close the Refresh dialogue.

Note: the links in the example contain ‘CASH’, this could just as easily be HubSpot, simPRO, Harvest, Teams or an other.

To resolve the issue, follow the steps below (of which there are 12): 

    1. Navigate to Home Tab > Transform data > Data Source Settings.

    2. You can clear settings from either the: ‘Data source in current file’, or ‘Global permissions’ (image below).

    3. It’s likely to be a specific setting(s) that is causing the issue, but you may need (or may chose) to clear the Global permissions.

    4. Select Global permissions (1 in image below).

    5. Scroll through the list of global permissions, if they go off the window, look for any that are just https://hubspot.tuggerapp.com/, or https://cash.tuggerapp.com/ or HubSpot, simPRO, Harvest, Teams and others. (These are the base domains for the particular Integration types.)

It should be noted that only the base domain relating to the setting you are having issues with will need clearing, but any others present could cause issues in the future, and may be worth clearing now.

    6. For each of the links you find, as in the image below (2), select / highlight that row in the list.

    7. Click on the down arrow next to Clear Permissions (3 in the image below).

    8. Then click on Clear Permissions (4 in the image below).

    9. Repeat steps 6 - 8 for each link identified.

    10. You could just Clear All Permissions, and it might be the more straightforward option; once cleared, you will have to re-enter your OData URL and Authentication Details from the Analytics page of your Tugger account's Integration(s).

    11. Once the required sources have been cleared, Close the dialogue (5 in the image).

Note: if you Clear All Permissions, all data source credentials will need entering again, regardless of their source (be it Tugger, or anywhere else).

    12. Finally, click on Refresh (image below), entering any data source credentials if requested.

Hint: it may be necessary to close Power BI Desktop and open again: importing the Power BI Template (.pbit); data feed (such as OData); or Power BI Desktop file (.pbix).

This concludes the Refresh Error guide.