When installing the Tugger for CASH App, the path to the database on your server is required. If you are installing the Tugger App on the server that CASH is installed to then finding the link shouldn't be an issue.

If you've tried the more common path type:

  • Z:\Cash4W\Data\CashForWindows.ADD

And also tried using the visible network folder name (more details below):

  • !Shared_for_VMs\Cash4W\Data\CashForWindows.ADD

Note: These are examples of paths, yours may be different.

Please continue reading for further assistance.

Consider the image below:

  • The network path is displayed, but it is actually missing a part of it.

... And in the image below, clicking on the path, highlights the networked path (after it has been mapped to a drive), which may or may not work; you won't know until you try.

Checking in File Explorer (image below), the network drive is displayed, but it is also missing an important part of the path.

Following the steps below should assist with determining the full network path.

Open a Command Prompt (or Power Shell window):

  • Windows Key + X, and select Windows PowerShell
  • Windows Key + R, then type CMD.
  • Type CMD in the address bar of File Explorer (most folders).

In the image below (which is a version of Windows Server installed on a Virtual Machine.):

  1. Indicates where to paste the path during the installation process.
  2. The command "Net Use" (without the quotes) entered in a Command Prompt or PowerShell Window
  3. The available network paths are displayed (If there are no network drives, then: "There are no entries in the list" is displayed.).

Once you have the network path displayed, you can add the path shown; then the path to the data folder where the database files are located, which will then include the CashForWindows.ADD file.

In the image above: "\\VBoxSvr\!Shared_for_VMs" is displayed

Using the path shown above as an example, it may be something like:

  • \\VBoxSvr\!Shared_for_VMs\Cash4W\Data\CashForWindows.ADD