Enable / View File Extensions in Windows 10


If you need to see file extensions and can't locate what you are looking for, it is a good idea that the view file name extensions option is enabled; by default, on many versions of Windows, this is not enabled.

As the image below shows (or doesn't) the extension for a Photoshop file is .psd, which is missing from the file-name displayed.


From File Explorer:

  • Select View.
  • If the panel isn't displayed then the small arrow on the right will be pointing down, just click on it to open the panel.
  • Check the 'File name extensions' tick box, as displayed on the above image.


This will enable file extensions globally, across all Explorer windows.


(Another useful feature, although not required for Tugger, is the Hidden folder option - partially obscured by one of the arrows.)

Windows 11

Windows 11 works slightly differently, in that a dropdown displays the item; it is just a case of locating and activating it.

  1. The Windows + E shortcut will bring up the Explorer window, if not already open.
  2. Select View > Show > File name extension.
  3. Select View > Show > and the File name extension should now have a tick against it.

This concludes the Enable / View File Extension guide.