Once you have logged into Tugger, if you do not see your Tugs then select My Tuggers; any available will be displayed as shown below.

Note that the Tugs below display the text 'View Details', which is correct when you have Tugs available; further, the number of Tuggers you have out the maximum allowed is also displayed. If you have no Tuggers, then you will see the text: 'Add This Tugger', irrespective of being on the Tugger or My Tugger tabs.

Select one to access that particular Tug.

To Clarify:

  1. My Tuggers, are the available Integrations, no matter how many you have will always show 'View Details'. The exception being when you have no Tug Integrations.
  2. Tuggers (a page insert is shown) and the Integrations there detail 'Add This Tugger'.

The guides to adding a Tug Integration are available here.

This completes the Where are my Tuggers guide.