• This guide presumes that you have a Tug already set up, otherwise see: Setting Up a Tug in Tugger. (These guides detail setting up the Tugger Integration and importing into Power BI Desktop, which can be skipped.)

The Analytics Setup contains everything you need to export your data; it also provides the important security information for Tableau (and Power BI Desktop) to correctly import your data ready for viewing in your custom reports.

In addition, the OData URL and the Authentication Details are all that you will need to import your data into Tableau, see: Tableau Users: Import OData Into Tableau.

The example image below, shows a Harvest integration, but other than the number of Power BI Report Templates available, the others will be the same.

To continue with importing your data into Tableau, the guide here details the steps: Tableau Users: Import OData Into Tableau.

(If you wish to Import your data from Power BI Desktop to Power BI Online, please see the appropriate guide: Setting Up a Tug in Tugger.)