This process presumes you have registered for Tugger and have signed in. (Sign Up Here)

Please note that although we refer to Harvest in this tutorial, the same steps apply to any target Tug, unless otherwise stated; the exception being, that the sign in to your particular organisation may differ slightly

Links to specific integration guides can be found here.

After the signup process, navigate to My Tuggers if you do not see the following; My Tuggers will display all available options, until you have added those you require - failing that, select: Tuggers.

Select the Tugger you wish to add, in this case: Harvest - Add This Tug.

At the next screen, you will need to enter information so Tugger knows what to call your Tug, as well as how much data (the date you wish to Tug data from) and how often it will be pulled (Tugged).

Once you are happy with your entries, Authorise Access to Harvest.

If you are not signed into Harvest, you will be required to enter the log indetails.

Note: Admin rights are required on your Harvest account.

If you were already signed in then the above step is bypassed.

After signing in to Harvest as above, you should see an authorisation request, which (to continue) you will need to accept:  Authorise App.

After authorisation, the Summary page is displayed. Whilst Tugger does its stuff, it might be time to go and grab a coffee.

Note: As the first sync of data can take anything from minutes to hours, depending on the size of your data-set, it is fine if you need to close the tab.

Once the data from your Harvest account has been synced over, the Tug Successful: will show Yes; in addition, the Tug Status will also update. The

Note: You will not be able to continue until this has completed.

You will notice that the time to next sync is 38 minutes, which is dependent on what you selected earlier. If you wish to change how often the syncing occurs, select the Settings highlighted above.

Once the above Tug has completed, you are now able to import the data into Power BI and Tableau.

To continue with setup into Power BI Desktop, click here.


To continue with setup into Tableau, click here.

This concludes the guide to Setting up a Tugger Integration.