• Power BI Desktop installed on your PC/Laptop.
  • Tugger Connector setup with at least some data Tugged across. It is recommended that the first Tug have completed as data is likely to be missing on some tables otherwise.
  • Access to the Tugger Connector to obtain the required credentials.

Log in to your Tugger account, if you're not already.

Access your connector from My Connectors, image below.

You may only have the one connector; if you have more than that, access the required connector, we're using the Simpro connector indicated.

Once you have gone into the required connector, navigate to Report Credentials, see image below.

This contains the OData link (1); the Username (2) and the Password (3), all of which are required to access your data.

Open up Power BI Desktop.

Note: for our purposes here, it is not required for you to be signed in, as I am.

Close the splash screen as indicated in the image above.

Navigate to the OData option.

1. Click the small down arrow to display the options displayed in the image above.

2. Select the 'OData feed' option.

After a few seconds, you should be presented with a popup, for your OData link, this was indicated previously above (1 in the appropriate image).

Paste it into the indicated field, then click on OK.

If you have entered Username and Password from your Tugger connector previously, there is no need to do so again; if this is your first time, then you should be presented with the following screen.

1. & 2. Paste in your Username and Password (shown in the same previous image as the OData link).

3. Match the dropdown to the one shown at the top of the popup.

4. Click on Connect when ready.

You should then be presented with the Navigator popup (image below).

Here you can select the required tables.

Note: This will display all the tables available, and when selected and imported, the available fields can be examined.

Once you have selected one or more tables, click Load. (You could also click the Transform Data button instead, but that is beyond the scope of this document.)

After a few seconds, a Load popup will appear.

This will display the progress on the tables selected, including success.

Once all tables have loaded the popup will disappear.

We can now switch to the Table View, indicated on the left of the image below. Under Data (right of the image) the tables loaded will be displayed. Clicking on one will display the loaded data, although the first table may already be displayed.

You can also expand the tables on the right, showing the various fields available, click where indicated to expand the table.

Note: Some of the fields are custom fields Tugger has added for internal processes.

This concludes 'How to Import Your Data Using OData (No Report Template)'.

If you require support, please contact