• Loaded a report into Power BI Desktop.
  • One of the report pages contains a 'map', which is not visible.

You can see a report page that contains a map, it may look something similar to the image below, and as per the image below, the page may even have no data.

We need to change a setting within Power BI Desktop, allowing maps to show.

Navigate to File (as above) > Options and settings (below) > Options (below)

After that, you should be presented with the following.

1. Navigate to Security (1 in the image above).

2. Check the option for Map and Filled Map visuals

3. Click OK when ready.

After saving, you should be presented with the following.

Note that it may be necessary to save the document, close Power BI Desktop and restart.

This completes the guide, Power BI Map is not showing (Desktop).