This is a custom table created within Tugger. This table is used to track changes in stages for tickets. Tugger monitors changes to the hs_date_entered_* and hs_date_exited_* properties and uses these to track changes within this table. 

Due to the fact that these changes have to be tracked by monitoring in this way only the changes to stages are tracked from the point at which you start to use Tugger. i.e. historic changes will be unknown to Tugger.

stageTEXTForeign Key from HubSpotTicketPipelineStages table
ticket_idWHOLE NUMBERForeign Key from HubSpotTickets table
LastTugDateWHOLE NUMBERThe date the information was last pulled from HubSpot to Tugger in the format YYYYMMDD
DeletedBINARYFlag to indicate if the row has been deleted from HubSpot