Need to Re-Authorise your Tugger Connector?

It is possible that you will receive an email request to Re-Authorise your connector; this could be for CASH, Harvest, HubSpot, simPRO, Teams or any other.

Just the one pre-requisite:

  • It is recommended that you are already logged into the account associated with the Tugger connector
    • for example: if you are being requested to re-authorise a simPRO connector , then log in to your simPRO account prior to logging into Tugger - in the same browser. 
    • Note: You will need admin access for the account.
    • If you are not logged in though, you will simply be asked to do so as part of the process.

    1. Log in to your Tugger account, and navigate to the specific Tugger connector you wish to re-authorise.

    2. You will see your Tugger connector under My Connectors; the example image below, shows a selection of our Tugger connectors already set up.

    3. Select the connector you have been requested to Re-Authorise.

  • You should see 'View Details' on your connector .
  • If you see 'Add This Connector', please navigate to: My Connectors.

Once you have selected your Tugger Connector

    1. Navigate to Settings (1 in the image below). 

    (Depending on your connector type, you may have more menu options, but options other than Settings can be ignored.)

    2. Click on the Update Tugger Settings button (2 in the image below).

    3. You are likely to be re-directed to the website associated with the connector Type (eg: Harvest for a Harvest connector ), and requested to authorise or deny if logged in; if not, you will have to log in first, before authorising - providing you have Admin authority.

    4. To Re-Authorise, you will need to authorise Tugger's access - just like you will have done when you first setup your connector.

Once complete, you will be redirected back to Tugger and your data will start to tug again.